One-on-One Reviews

Walden students, including those working on their dissertation and doctoral study proposals, can make appointments for one-on-one reviews with the Writing Center's staff.  Choose the "Writing Staff" option in the Walden scheduling system for a one-on-one review.  Simply make an appointment, upload your document including instructions on what you would like us to focus on, and expect to receive thoughtful, individualized feedback embedded in the draft within 2 days.

We will offer feedback and resources on APA style adherence, basic formatting, cohesion and flow, and voice and grammar.


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Working With Us

Rather than editing or “fixing” your paper, our goal is to help you develop your writing skills. In a review, a Writing Center instructor will examine patterns in your writing and make suggestions about how to strengthen key areas to produce more effective, exemplary writing. The instructor will spend approximately 30 minutes per submission and will make suggestions using Microsoft Word’s track changes feature. We can review one paper per appointment, and we will review as much as of a paper as possible in the allotted time. Students are allowed to make two appointments a week; however, students are expected to incorporate feedback from one appointment to the next. A Writing Center instructor has the right to cancel your appointment if you are failing to apply feedback from one appointment to the next.

The appointment will not include live communication. Instead, a Writing Center instructor will review your paper within 2 days of your appointment date and will e-mail you when your reviewed paper is available. You can then download your reviewed paper from myPASS and review the feedback at your convenience. We encourage you to e-mail us if you have any comments or questions about the feedback you receive.

See a sample paper review.

The Writing Center is committed to providing all students with equal access to learning resources. We provide reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities in partnership with Walden's Disabilities Services office. Please do not hesitate to contact us or Disabilities Services for a confidential discussion of accommodations. To discuss specific accessibility issues or software, please contact Disability Services directly at

Sample Paper Review

Click here to view a sample paper review.


  • Upload your paper when you make your appointment; papers must be uploaded by 5 a.m. Eastern time the day of your appointment.
  • Please upload Microsoft Word (or Word-compatible) documents; your review may be delayed if you upload a nonstandard file format.
  • Writing Center paper review appointments are not live; you will receive feedback via e-mail within 2 days of your appointment.
  • Appointments with the Writing Center open 14 days in advance on a rolling basis.