Citing a DVD or Online Video/Webcast

For videos that appear within Walden courses, either in DVD or online video format, students should do their best to cite any available copyright and production information.  Recent videos may not list all needed information; in these cases, use the information shown below.

Program in a Series DVD

 Laureate Education (Producer). (year*). Program

number: Name of program [DVD]. In Name of
video in italics. Baltimore, MD: Author.


*In APA style, documents or media lacking dates will use the abbreviation n.d. in the in-text citation and in the reference list: (Laureate Education, Inc., n.d.)

Stand-Alone DVD

Laureate DVDs should be cited using this template:

Laureate Education (Producer). (year). Name of

program [DVD]. Baltimore, MD: Author.

DVDs from other sources use the same format:

50 Lessons (Producer). (2005). The leadership challenge
in the public sector with Dr. Wendy Thomson [DVD].
Nashua, NH: Skillsoft.

Online Video/Webcast in a Series

Laureate Education (Producer). (year). Program number: Name

of program [Video file]. In Name of series
in italics.  Retrieved from

Stand-Alone Online Video/Webcast

 Laureate Education (Producer). (year). Name

of program [Video file]. Retrieved

The web location for Laureate course materials is not directly retrievable without a password, and therefore, following APA guidelines, you should use the main URL for the class sites:

Using Multiple Sources With Same Author and Date

You will often cite several videos within the same paper. To distinguish these from one another, use the standard APA procedure. Alphabetize the sources by title in your reference list, and then assign each year a letter: a, b, and so on.  Use these letters when giving the year in the in-text citation for the corresponding reference list entry:

 …end of your sentence (Laureate Education, Inc., 2010a).

 Laureate Education, Inc. (Producer). (2010a)…

 Laureate Education, Inc. (Producer). (2010b)...

Citing a DVD or Online Video in Text

The in-text citation for a DVD or online video should use the name that is in the author slot in the reference list. In most cases, this means the producer (usually Laureate Education) gets the citation, not the person speaking. If the speaker or the title of the video is necessary, it should appear in the text of the sentence rather than in the parentheses. Here are two examples of how this might look:

In a taped interview, Gibson (Laureate Education, 2012) said the biggest challenge of his career as a high school principal was learning how to negotiate parent expectations.
In the video Nursing in the Margins (Laureate Education, 2011), several Austin-area nurses described the challenges of adequately serving patients within the limited time frames allowed by insurance companies.

Note 1.  Although it is not usually necessary to cite a video title in the text, there are some guidelines for doing so. If the source gets italics in the reference list, use italics when you present it in the text. So, if Nursing in the Margins was the name of a series or of a stand-alone program, it would be in italics in the text. If it were a video that is part of a larger series, it would not be in italics in the reference list (the italics would be saved for the series title), and it would receive quotation marks in the text instead. 

Note 2.  In the APA manual, direct quotes from print sources must have page numbers or paragraph numbers. Because a video/DVD program has no page numbers to refer to, page numbers cannot appear with quotations. Your readers will recognize that the quotation comes from a nonprint source. Still, as a habit of good scholarship, try to minimize the number of direct quotes in any academic writing, relying instead on your ability to paraphrase your sources.


Cite recorded webinars or online presentations as you would an online video or webcast (see above for examples).

Cite presentation files (such as PowerPoints) as you would a standard PowerPoint.  See this page for an example!

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In addition to the information provided here, refer to page 186 in the APA Manual (Sixth Edition) for how to cite and reference nonroutine information and titles. 

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