Referring Students for Writing Help

The Walden Writing Center offers a wide variety of media to help students with writing. On our website, students can find links to our webinars, tutorials, mini-lessons, self-quizzes, blog, Twitter, Facebook, residency assistance, and Q&A services. Many students will find the help they need by taking advantage of these services.

In addition to these web-based resources, we offer personalized feedback from our professional writing staff. We provide students with encouragement and targeted suggestions that help students with their current document and give them skills they can use in future writing assignments. If students in your courses could benefit from this type of help, use the guide below to determine the best resource for them. You may also want to review our policies and see some samples of the kind of feedback we can provide here. For additional assistance on making referrals to the Writing Center, see the Writing Center Toolbox for Faculty.

One-on-One Reviews

 Using the service: One-on-one reviews are available to all Walden students (and with graduate students until the form and style stage). To have a paper reviewed, students should access the scheduling system via their student portal and upload their most current draft. Students may make notes in the draft in order to ask questions or point us to particular concerns, but the paper should be free of other comments. Details about what students can expect from this process are here.

Number of appointments:  We will review one document per appointment. We will spend approximately 30 minutes per submission and as such, we often cannot read a full draft of a long or problematic paper. We work by identifying patterns, however, so students will be given strategies for how to apply feedback to the unread portions of their drafts. Students are eligible for an unlimited number of reviews so long as they are adhering to the best use policies below.

Best use: To make the most of each of each appointment, students must be able to apply the our feedback from one draft to the next. Out goal is not to fix students' papers but to help students develop their skills. If students are not applying feedback from one review to the next, no matter what we have reviewed (i.e., different papers or the same section of a paper), we reserve the right to return the paper without a review. A staff member may also request students choose another staffer to work with to ensure that they are receiving feedback that best suits their learning style.

Questions about writing or our services can be directed to for a response within 24 hours. More direct questions about APA style in the results and conclusion chapters/sections (e.g., tables and figures or formatting participant interviews) should be directed to

Form & Style

Using the service: We work individually with students during the form and style review. To learn more about and prepare for the form and style review, a required step in the doctoral capstone approval process, visit the Form & Style Review page. If sudents have specific questions about your doctoral capstone study or the form and style review, they can e-mail, and we will repsond within 24 hours.

Best use:  We will answer questions about APA style in the results and conclusion chapters/sections (e.g., tables and figures or formatting participant interviews) at General APA questions can be directed to


Writing staff members may point to issues of clarity, logic, thesis, and idea development, but all questions of content are deferred to faculty.

Microsoft Word/Formatting Help

 Many students struggle with word processing fluency, especially at the beginning of their study at Walden. Although the tutors and editors are not experts in technical troubleshooting, we do house some resources to help students navigate the MS Word processes most frequently used at Walden. Manuscript layout and formatting issues can also be addressed through the popular APA-formatted templates available on our website. For additional technical support, students should consult the Student Support Team or Microsoft Office Support.

Support Courses

The Center for Student Sucess offers a variety of support courses available to undergraduate and graduate students. The Walden Writing Center website contains information about these academic writing courses. The Writing Center Toolbox for Faculty contains information to help faculty identify the best course for different types of writers. For information about enrolling in these courses, students should contact their academic advisors.

Line Editing

 The Walden dissertations editors and writing tutors provide feedback and instruction on writing skill development, but they do not provide extensive line editing. Students in need of this level of support, especially at the capstone level, should consult a freelance editor. Here is some advice we offer to students when seeking a freelance editor:

  • A web search for "Dissertation Editing Services" will uncover links to many editors and editing companies. We recommend consulting your classmates, instructors, or our eCampus discussion boards to get some recommendations.
  • Some editors know APA and some do not. Be sure to ask about their APA experience to avoid paying for their training in this area.
  • Some freelance editors and services offer a sliding scale depending on the writers' needs.
  • Some can help you develop your ideas (developmental editing), although none will replace the content expertise of your instructors.
  • Explain your needs and negotiate an approach. Ask for references and an estimate of the cost.
  • You'll want to do as much work yourself as you can, as editors usually charge an hourly rather than per page rate.
  • You might also want to call your local community college English department or check the bulletin boards at a local university.

Developmental Editing for Capstone Students

For students who are working on their dissertation or professional doctorate capstone, developmental editing can help. This service, which is intended to help students whose writing skills are interfering with their progress, involves several weeks of intensive one-on-one work with one of our dissertation editors. The service is available by faculty referral only. See the Developmental Editing area of the WC Faculty Toolbox for information.

Student Proof of Use

Occasionally you may want to verify a student's use of the Writing Center's services.  The Writing Center respects student privacy and cannot confirm or deny any student's interaction with our services, though students are welcome to use the methods we describe on our policies page, under "Showing You've Worked with Us" to demonstrate their engagement.

Our website scavenger hunt is a useful assignment for instructors wanting to acquaint their students with our resources.

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