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What does Walden's Writing Center do?

Per our mission statement, the Walden Writing Center provides resources and guidance for students and faculty on the writing process. Our staff works directly with students to help create APA-compliant, well organized, and mechanically correct documents.  In addition to one-on-one paper reviews, Writing Center staff members present webinars; post to a blog, Facebook, and Twitter; advise and present at residencies; and create handouts, tutorials, and other tools to develop students' writing skills and confidence.

When instructors encounter composition skill deficits that require a sustained intervention, they may direct students to the numerous curricular offerings available to them. The Center for Student Success support courses are available for students who require more robust support for issues such as APA style, writing at the graduate level, writing a literature review, critical thinking, and academic integrity.  

How can I find out if my students are using the Writing Center?

Our goal is to provide a confidential support service for students, whose work may not be ready for evaluation by their instructor.  For that reason, we do not copy instructors on our communications with students, unless both the student and instructor have agreed to that step.

Should I require my students to use Writing Center services?

While we encourage instructors to recommend our resources for students struggling with their writing assignments, we do not advise making paper reviews a requirement. These requirements can strain our resources and, perhaps of more concern, often result in ineffective working relationships with students. Referrals are most effective when they are targeted toward specific students and made in the spirit of a recommendation rather than a mandate.

How can I help my students use Grammarly or Turnitin?

 Grammarly and Turnitin (TII) are two tools that students can use at any time for quick feedback on grammar or originality. Grammarly is an automated grammar tutor, and TII is a tool to check for plagiarism and proper citation practices.  These resources are housed on the Writing Center home page with instructions on their use, but they are provided through outside vendors.  Any technical questions about Grammarly should go to the Student Support Team, and questions about Turnitin to TII technical support.

As lead faculty, how can I help my colleagues learn about Writing Center services?

The Writing Center has a wealth of material available for students who are struggling with APA compliance, grammar, punctuation, and other issues associated with scholarly voice. As a lead faculty member charged with providing support to colleagues, pointing instructors to these support materials is one way to help them efficiently meet student needs in Walden's writing-intensive environment. A good place to start might be the Welcome to the Writing Center webinar.

If you would like a Writing Center staff member to visit a meeting with your colleagues, contact Faculty Liaison Amber Cook to set up a presentation or Q&A session. See this link for a list of sessions we can provide.

What kinds of services does the Writing Center offer to faculty?

 In addition to serving as a source of referral for students, the Writing Center works collaboratively with the Center for Faculty Excellence to help instructors provide meaningful feedback on student written products.  Throughout the year, Writing Center staff members present webinars on different topics to help instructors provide effective feedback on targeted composition skill deficits.  We also offer job aids, archived webinars, and other practical resources on this site and in our toolbox for faculty. These tools were created in collaboration with or at the suggestion of Walden instructors, so please let us know if you have a need we can help address

Instructors are also welcome to send questions or seek advice about how to best assist a student writer by contacting Faculty Liaison Amber Cook. Finally, faculty members can use Grammarly, a grammar-checking software, which is free to anyone with a Walden e-mail address and can be accessed via our homepage.

What is the Writing Center's role in capstone projects?

Walden's dissertation editors are primarily tasked with providing the form and style review for dissertations and doctoral studies before the material is sent to the Chief Academic Officer for final approval. The Walden instructors work with students during the drafting stage of their dissertation or doctoral study manuscript, guiding students through the finer points of APA style, formatting the manuscript, and organizing and presenting the material in a way that is clear, concise, and scholarly. The Writing Center also houses a guide to Walden's many doctoral capstone resources, which is a good resource for students and faculty alike.

For further information about working with instructors, see our Tutoring page.  For more information about editor services, click here.

How do I get in touch with the Writing Center staff?

Writing Center staff are available at every residency and via the contact information below:

For questions about tutoring services and Writing Center resources, contact Amber Cook at amber.cook@waldenu.edu

For questions about dissertations, doctoral studies, project studies, and form and style reviews, contact Martha King at martha.king@waldenu.edu

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For questions about tutoring services and Writing Center resources, contact Amber Cook at amber.cook@waldenu.edu

For questions about dissertations and form and style reviews, contact Martha King at martha.king@waldenu.edu