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Happy New Year 2015!

We provide positive constructive feedback on

  • cohesion and flow, 
  • voice and grammar, and 
  • APA style.

Our Goal

Through our paper review service, we aim to help students become better writers. A paper review involves a Writing Center instructor examining patterns in your writing and making suggestions about how to strengthen key areas to produce more effective, exemplary writing. We will review as much of a paper as possible in the allotted time, which may not allow for an entire paper. The Writing Center's paper reviews are an optional, supplementary service that is not connected in any way to a Walden approval process.

Deadline for Attaching a Paper

The deadline for attaching your paper is 5:00 a.m. Eastern time the morning of your appointment. If you schedule a same-day appointment, you must attach your paper within 15 minutes of making your appointment. If your paper has not been attached to your appointment by the deadline, a Writing Center instructor reserves the right to mark your appointment as missed. You may attach your paper to your myPASS appointment at the time that you make an appointment, or you may attach your paper at a later date. For help, see our video tutorials.

myPASS Schedules

myPASS includes two separate schedules for different assignments:

  • An Undergraduate Schedule. Use this schedule if you are an undergraduate or submitting coursework for an undergraduate course.
  • A Graduate Coursework Schedule. Use this schedule if you would like a review of graduate coursework that does not involve the premise, prospectus, or proposal.

Students must make appointments on the schedule that corresponds to the document submitted for review.

Note that if the schedule you need to use is full, you should not make your appointment on another schedule. Instead, sign up for a waiting list on the schedule you need and/or check the schedule the next day for openings.

Feedback and Revisions

You should apply feedback that you have received on your writing, whether from a Writing Center staff member or a faculty member, to all papers that you submit for review. If you have used our paper review services before, each paper you attach should reflect the advice you received in your previous review(s). If you are not applying feedback from one review to the next, no matter what we have reviewed (i.e., different papers or the same section of a paper), we reserve the right to mark your appointment as missed and return the paper without a review. To allow students time to revise their documents and to help as many students as we can, students are limited to making one appointment per week.

We also ask that students submit papers that do not include any comments from a faculty member or a Writing Center staff member. If you incorporate past comments and feedback into a revised draft of your paper, you are apt to get more help from your review versus the same feedback as before.

We may also request that students choose another staff member to work with to ensure that they are receiving feedback that best suits their learning style.

Documents We Review

In our one-on-one paper reviews, Writing Center instructors review drafted or completed discussion posts, course papers, KAMs, and Major Assessments. The Writing Center instructors do not review proposal chapters or sections in one-on-one appointments. Our paper review services are geared toward teaching students writing skills rather than acting as editors or proofreaders. If you are at the proposal stage, we suggest you look at the variety of resources available to you.

In the Writing Center:

Outside the Writing Center:

  • Attend a Capstone Intensive retreat. View program-specific information and details about these intensive retreats.
  • Download and follow the Find a writing workshop that fits your schedule. Walden offers writing workshops for doctoral candidates who have begun working on their proposals. The workshops focus on revising and editing your proposal draft with instruction, feedback, and support from your instructor and peers. Contact your academic advisor for more information regarding registration for these workshops. Downloadable Templates Webpage (see drop-down #14), which comes preformatted with embedded advice about how to form effective presentations.

    Lastly, please note that the Writing Center does not review resumes, CVs, or scholarship applications, as the Career Services Center staff is uniquely trained to help students with these materials. For a review of these materials, please visit the Career Services Center.

Content Questions

If you have questions related to the discipline-specific content of drafts or research methodology, you should direct them to mentors, course instructors, or capstone committee faculty. Walden faculty serve as content specialists for all academic programs, and students should defer to them on issues related to content development.

Word Processing and Formatting

Papers submitted for review should be in Microsoft Word or Word-compatible formats. All Writing Center feedback is provided using the Track Changes feature of Microsoft Word. Please review our support material on how to use track changes. Inquiries about MS Word functions, pagination, formatting, creating a table of contents, and so on, beyond what is provided on the Writing Center website, should be directed to Microsoft Office Help.

Missed Appointments

If you miss an appointment, you will receive an automatic e-mail that your appointment has been marked as missed, and the Writing Center instructor will open your appointment for another student to use. After three missed appointments, your myPASS account will be automatically deactivated and will need to be reactivated by a Writing Center staff member.

If your appointment has been marked as "Missed" and you are not sure why, please click on the flowchart below for assistance (or download a PDF version).

Response Time

The staff of the Walden Writing Center strives to serve students through timely responses to student questions and one-on-one reviews. However, in the event of extenuating circumstances (illness, emergencies, etc.), the Writing Center reserves the right to cancel or delay responses to e-mails or paper reviews.

Following these policies will help you use our services to your advantage and allow us to best help you develop your writing skills. Thank you!


  • All appointments are now made in myPASS.
  • Appointments are tied to a specific date but not to a specific time.
  • You must attach your paper by 5 a.m. Eastern time the day of your appointment.
  • If you make a same-day appointment, attach your paper within 15 minutes of making your appointment.
  • Writing Center paper review appointments are not live; you will receive feedback within 2 days of your appointment.
  • The Writing Center instructor will not e-mail your reviewed paper to you. Instead, follow the instructions in the e-mail you receive to download your reviewed paper from myPASS.