Writing Center Policies

We provide positive constructive feedback on

  • cohesion and flow, 
  • voice and grammar, and 
  • APA style.

We provide a paper review service, and our goal is to help students become better writers. A paper review involves a writing staff member examining patterns in writing and making suggestions to a student about how to improve those areas, modeling effective, exemplary writing. We will review as much as of a paper as possible in the allotted time, which may not allow for an entire paper, KAM, section, or full chapter review.

We ask that students submit papers that do not include any comments from a Writing Center staff member or course instructor. If you incorporate past comments and feedback into a revised draft of your paper, you are apt to get more help from your review versus the same feedback as before.

Content:  If you have questions related to the discipline-specific content of drafts or research methodology, you should direct them to mentors, instructors, or capstone committee faculty. Walden faculty serve as content specialists for all academic programs, and students should defer to them on issues associated with content development.  

Word processing and formatting: Inquiries about MS Word functions, pagination, formatting, creating a table of contents, and so on, beyond what is provided on the Writing Center website, should be directed to Microsoft Office Help. All Writing Center feedback is provided using the Track Changes feature of Microsoft Word.  Please review our helpful material on how to use track changes.

The staff of the Walden Writing Center strives to serve students through timely responses to student questions and one-on-one reviews. However, in the event of extenuating circumstances (illness, emergencies, etc.), the Writing Center reserves the right to cancel or delay responses to e-mails or student reviews.

Plagiarism Policy

The Writing Center adheres to all of the rules in the Student Code of Conduct.  If plagiarism is confirmed in your paper, we will ask you to review resources on academic integrity and revise your work before making another appointment.

Collaborating With Faculty

Writing Center staff members occasionally work with Walden instructors to better understand assignments or to discuss a student's writing progress. Communication about specifics of a student's use of the Writing Center will only happen with the written consent of the student.  This collaboration may occur at the request of the student, the Writing Center, or the instructor, including cases where disagreements among the three parties require resolution.

Social Media Policy

The Walden University Writing Center is dedicated to helping students become better writers. Recognizing the importance of the written word in effecting social change, we work to provide scholar-practitioners with the tools to transform themselves and society by becoming more effective communicators. We understand the value of both traditional and evolving online communication for Walden students.

For such online communication, the Writing Center currently uses Facebook and Twitter. We also post regularly to our Writing Center Blog and upload videos to our YouTube channel. Our social media pages are places for students to get Writing Center news, make meaningful connections with their peers, and engage in dialogue about writing. We welcome comments and questions. We also encourage discussion, which can mean differing opinions. Students are free to disagree with others' posts in a respectful manner. Though the tone of our social media pages is relaxed and informal, we reserve the right to remove any posts or comments if they are aggressive, inflammatory, or irrelevant.

Non-Walden information and products linked from the Writing Center's social media pages represent the views of the Writing Center and are not necessarily endorsed by Walden University.

Showing You've Worked with Us

Occasionally, instructors at Walden may want students to demonstrate that they have used the Writing Center's services. The following chart details ways to offer proof of use of our services.

Proof of Use

Sevice Documentation
Paper Reviews After your review, forward our email to your instructor.
Grammarly Save a PDF of your report by clicking "Save/Print Report" in the Grammarly editor.
Writing Center Website Complete our scavenger hunt.
APA templates Download a template and email it to your instructor.
Ask Tutors Questions Email us and forward the response to your instructor
Attend a Webinar Forward the "Thanks for Attending!" email you receive after the webinar to your instructor*.


*Students who use their phones for webinar audio may not receive these emails; contact wcwebinars@waldenu.edu to request alternate verification.


 Upload your paper when you make your appointment; papers must be uploaded by 5 a.m. EST the day of your appointment.
 Writing Center services are not live.
 You will receive feedback via email within 2 days of your appointment.
 The Writing Staff schedule opens 14 days in advance on a rolling basis.