Student Services

The Writing Center provides the following services for all Walden students:

At any stage in your Walden program, our team of professionals is available for appointments to review your course papers or capstone proposal chapters or sections and to help you identify ways to improve the writing quality of your drafts. Use the myPASS scheduling system to make an appointment with us and attach your document for review, including instructions on what you'd  like us to focus on. You will receive thoughtful, individualized feedback embedded in the draft within 2 days of your appointment date. You can only schedule one appointment per week, but your number of appointments is not limited. Per our policies, students should revise and incorporate our feedback between appointments.

Although only the proposal chapters or sections are reviewed in one-on-one appointments, students may send questions about the final chapters or sections to, and we will respond within 24 hours. Students may also want to attend a webinar on writing the results and conclusion chapters or sections, or watch an archived version of those webinars.

Working with the Writing Center Instructors on Doctoral Capstone Drafts

To prepare for paper reviews at the proposal stage, students need a command over the basic elements of academic writing, including an understanding of grammar and organization. Help with developing these writing skills prior to beginning the proposal is the responsibility of the student. Opportunities for improving writing skills are available to Walden students through the graduate writing courses. Other options for students to get help in the initial stages of the drafting process include creating or joining a peer-review group; joining an editor-sponsored writing group, when available; participating in online discussion boards through the Walden Student Experience community; attending one of the webinars offered by the Writing Center, or consulting the many resources available on our website.

Students are advised to submit a draft that is as complete as possible. Work on very early drafts is best done in the dissertation shell, through peer review and discussion, and in consultation with the committee chair and methodologist to ensure that all content elements are in place. Writing Center instructors can then work to help students to refine the draft to improve cohesion and flow, voice and grammar, and APA style, and make sure it complies with formatting guidelines.

Working with the Editors (Form and Style)

The dissertation editors work individually with students during the form and style review. To learn more about and prepare for the form and style review, a required step in the doctoral capstone approval process, visit the Form & Style Review page. If you have specific questions about your doctoral capstone study or the form and style review, e-mail the Walden dissertation editors at, and an editor will repsond within 24 hours.

If you are interested in assistance beyond the scope of the Writing Center, here are some tips for hiring an outside editor.