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The Writing Center is part of the Center for Student Success at Walden University. The center provides a broad range of writing instruction and editing services for all students at Walden University, including writing assistance for undergraduates, graduate students, and capstone writers. The center also offers writing support for faculty. Read more about the people of the Writing Center and our mission and policies by following the links in the left sidebar.

To contact the Writing Center staff, please use the e-mail addresses in the right sidebar.

Contact Us

Contact Us

The Writing Center works by e-mail.  For questions concerning proposals, dissertations, or doctoral studies, e-mail editor@waldenu.edu for a response within 24 hoursFor general writing questions, e-mail writingsupport@waldenu.edu for a response within 24 hours. To point out problems with the website and its contents, please e-mail wcwebsite@waldenu.edu for a response within 2 business days.

You can also find us on Blogger, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.