Welcome to the Writing Center appointment-based services! We're here to assist students in becoming better academic writers.  Students who are working on course work and/or are working on KAM, thesis, dissertation and doctoral study proposals can make appointments for one-on-one reviews. 

For nonwriting tutoring services, visit our Academic Skills page.

Writing Center appointments are different from appointments with an advisor or librarian.  Our appointments do not include a phone call or live communication.  Instead, just make an appointment for a specific day and then upload your paper before 5:00 a.m. EST on that day. We'll do the rest!  Specifically, we will review your document and email it back to you within 2 days of the appointment.  Once you receive our feedback, you can look at it at whatever time works best for you!

Making an Appointment

To make an appointment with the Writing Center,

1. Log on to your myWalden portal

2. Click on the Academics tab

3. Click on “Schedule an Appointment" and click "Writing Staff"

4. Click "Upload Paper" before making an appointment

5. Once your paper is uploaded, follow the instructions to "Make Appointment" from the Writing Center Advising Appointment Menu

If you experience any technical issues uploading your paper or making an appointment, please contact the Student Support Team.  You can reach Student Support by phone at 1-800-WaldenU; by e-mail at support@waldenu.edu; or through chat: Choose "Click Here to Chat" on the Support tab in your portal.

Canceling Your Appointment

To cancel your appointment,

1. Log on to your myWalden portal.

2. Click on "Schedule an Appointment" under the "Academics" tab.

3. Choose the schedule in which you have an appointment (i.e., Tutor or Editor)

4. Click on "View or Cancel Appointments."

5. Click on "Cancel."

6. Select "Cancelled by Student" and then "Continue."

Uploading/Submitting Your Paper

We suggest that you upload your document before or immediately after making an appointment; however, you can log back in at a later time to upload the document. We review just one paper or one proposal chapter at a time. Returning users, each document you upload should reflect the advice you received on your previous visit. This allows us to move on to new issues with each paper rather than restating similar feedback.

You have until 5:00 a.m. EST the morning of your appointment to submit your paper. If you make a same-day appointment you must upload your document at the time of making the appointment. 

Receiving Feedback from the Writing Center

Once we have reviewed and added feedback to your paper, we will e-mail it to your Walden e-mail address within 2 days of your appointment

If you do not see an e-mail from the Writing Center within 2 business days, check your Junk folder. Often, Writing Center e-mails automatically are filtered to students' Junk folders. If you have checked your Junk folder and still do not see your feedback from the Writing Center, make sure to contact us at writingsupport@waldenu.edu as soon as possible. We are happy to resend feedback to ensure you are able to use our suggestions while revising your work.

The Writing Center is committed to providing all students with equal access to learning resources.  We provide reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities in partnership with Walden's Disabilities Services office.  Please do not hesitate to contact us or Disabilities Services for a confidential discussion of accommodations.  To discuss specific accessibility issues or software, please contact Disability Services directly at disability@waldenu.edu.

Using Grammarly

Before you make an appointment with us, you should use Grammarly to help identify spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style mistakes in your writing. Doing so ensures that we can focus on larger, more global writing concerns in your paper review. Grammarly is a free service for Walden students; you can sign up using your waldenu.edu e-mail address.

If you are new to Grammarly or have questions about using the program, please read this overview. You can also view a demo student report if you're curious about how Grammarly feedback looks and read our more extensive tutorial document on Grammarly. We're always happy to answer grammar questions at writingsupport@waldenu.edu, but if you experience technical difficulties with the service, please contact the Student Support Team. You can reach Student Support by phone at 1-800-WaldenU, options 1, 2, 3; by e-mail at support@waldenu.edu; or through chat: Choose "Click Here to Chat" on the Support tab in your portal.

Using the Writing Center's Turnitin Dropbox

TurnItIn (TII) is a program that offers originality checking and plagiarism prevention. TII will review student work against billions of journals, books, websites, and other documents in the TII database and search for a "similarity index." This index appears as a percentage that will notify a student of any pieces of text that are similar to other documents in the TII database.

As a Walden student, you can access this free service one of two ways: through your course portal (in which case, you'll want to contact your instructor for more information) or through the Writing Center.

If you are a first-time user to TurnItIn (TII) and accessing it through our website, you will want to start by clicking on the TII button displayed on our homepage. You will then be prompted to input your myWalden username and password. Doing so will forward you to the TII registration page with the class ID and password prompts completed for you. Fill out the rest of the form, and you should have access to TII. Once you are in the system, you can upload your document to a drop box, which will generate a TII report. This report can take up to 1 hour to generate, and you will receive an email when the process is complete. You can download or print the TII report for your review.

What is the difference between the Writing Center TurnItIn drop box and a course drop box?

The Writing Center created a TurnItIn (TII) drop box as a safe place for students to check for plagiarism and proper citation because our drop box does not save papers to the TII database. Students can access the Writing Center TII drop box via our homepage.

The Writing Center drop box is independent from your course TII drop box. If your instructor requires that you work through a class account, access TII through your course portal and contact your instructor for the particular class ID and password.

If you have any questions about registering for or using the Writing Center TII dropbox, check out the tutorial here!  We're available to answer APA questions at writingsupport@waldenu.edu, but technical questions about this service are best answered by Turnitin's technical support.

What does a TurnItIn report look like? What does the report mean?

TurnItIn (TII) reports can be hard to decipher. The Writing Center has created a handout to help students and faculty members interpret TII results.

What is an acceptable "similarly index"?

The Writing Center does not advise students or faculty to aim for a specific similarity index. Because TurnItIn (TII) will note properly cited material, a high similarity percent does not indicate plagiarism. Similarly, a paper with a low similarity index can still have strings of text that have been improperly cited.

Students and faculty can utilize the TII report as a means to discuss how to properly credit sources and paraphrase scholarly material. For more details on how to interpret a TII report, click here.

Can I revise my paper and resubmit to Turnitin?

Students are welcome to revise a paper and resubmit to the TurnItIn (TII) drop box. Revisions can help students note changes to a document's similarity index percentage, but students are limited to one paper per drop box per 24-hour period. Any revised paper will overwrite the previous draft, so know that the original TII report will not be accessible.

Can a specific similarity, like my previous submission, be removed from a Turnitin report?

TurnItIn (TII) does allow administrators to remove specific similarities in a TII report. Your instructor will have the administrative rights to remove these specific similarities your current report. Writing Center staff will NOT remove specific similarities from your report.

I am having problems with Turnitin. Where do I go?

If you have additional questions that are not answered by these resources on this page or if you experience technical difficulties with the service, please contact Turnitin technical support directly

If you are experiencing difficulty with your MyWalden portal or have misplaced your MyWalden password, you can contact Student Support: support@waldenu.edu.

For questions on your course TII drop box, please contact your instructor.

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