Are you looking for some resources to develop your writing skills? Whether you are working on presenting your ideas in an academic voice or learning the finer points of grammar, the Walden Writing Center is here to help you achieve your goal.  There is no fee to use any of our services.

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If you are new to the Writing Center, start out just exploringWhy not click links that look interesting, or sign up for Grammarly or a webinar?  A good place to get started is with our most used pages:

Most Used Pages

Assignment Templates This page contains preformatted Microsoft Word documents for most Walden assignments. A great help with APA formatting!
Webinars Webinars are live sessions on popular writing topics. This page contains our webinar schedule and sign-up information.
APA Style APA is the style and format used for all writing at Walden. Get started learning the rules on this page!
Paper Reviews One-on-one reviews are one of our most popular services. Learn how to get individualized feedback on your writing from our professionals here.
Writing Courses Interested in taking a course to improve your writing skills? Visit this page for course descriptions and sample assignments.
Common Reference List Examples If you're stumped formatting a reference list entry, you can find clear examples here of common reference types.
Citing Electronic Sources Electronic sources, like blog entries, can be tricky to cite. This page has all the information you will need!

Ask your fellow students or your instructor what they like about the Writing Center, or send us an email!  Once you have a better idea of which services you may be interested in, you can browse more effectively.

If you are looking for more general information about a particular topic, try browsing the site. Maybe you would like to learn more about APA, or you would like to find out about our one-on-one services? Clicking through the sections of our site can help you discover new resources!

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Above, you can see a portion of the "Writing Resources" tab's menu. You can access pages on topics like point of view, proofreading, and plagiarism by clicking these links.

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Happy New Year 2015!

The Writing Center works by e-mail. For general writing questions, e-mail writingsupport@waldenu.edu for a response within 24 hours.

If you have a specific question about undergraduate writing (like "What are Academic Writing Expectations?"), feel free to email Hillary Wentworth, Coordinator of Undergraduate Writing Initiatives at hillary.wentworth@waldenu.edu.