Point of View in Academic Writing

On the Use of First Person

Walden students may use first person, as appropriate, in all Walden work. The only exception is with capstone abstracts, which should remain in third person.

Section 3.09 of the sixth edition APA manual offers examples of appropriate use of first person including in quantitative expository writing.

This rule frees you from having to refer to yourself as "this researcher" or "this writer," which can present ambiguity in your writing. 

This first-person rule does not give you permission to share first-person opinions and experiences; statements that convey your opinion will discredit your academic work.  

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On the Use of Second Person

In the English language, the words you and your are second-person pronouns whose use in academic writing is almost universally discouraged.  Readers of scholarly material assume the objectivity of the writer and a distance between themselves and the writing.  When writers use second person, however, the reader is addressed directly and this distance is removed. 

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